Glitch CLI- now ready for download!


Or by github at 17lwinn/glitch-cli

this command installs the CLI into your project (type help for cmds)! it is a simple python file which can be ran with a shorter command with this method:

  1. make a bash_profile file
  2. write the following
alias glitch="python3"

so far it supports:

  1. pushing to github/gists
  2. zipping the project
  3. nodifying your project
  4. setting up .env
  5. generate simple .prettierrc configuration

uploading your project files securely

there isn’t a way yet to do this, but it can be accomplished.

  1. zip your project with the ‘pack’ command
  2. open your site show it shows only files, you can accomplish this with NO HTML files.
  3. look for ‘’
  4. download and navigate to
  5. upload your file, set expiry dates and passwords etc.

and your done! we hope to add this in later versions.


to upload to dropbox:

I reccomend using

Another idea, for projects that have too many files add something like that you can start something called a hidesession that adds specific file extension to .gitignore for when you run refresh. Then you can end the session for when you need to commit to github.


Thanks @javaarchive !

i keep getting this when i try to install it HTTP request sent, awaiting response...

Hi @anon43649539 , you can also get it from github:

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