forum issues - The discussion

It seems like it hasn’t being discussed in this forum. Let’s discuss it here. Glitch support Moderators, If this thread makes you guys feel uncomfortable, or i break the rules of Glitch support, feel free to delete/hide this issue with a valid reason. Thanks.

Year ago, Disboard implemented Gmail support for login into several disboard forum. When Glitch support forum merge the Disboard change, Something uncommon happend in Glitch forum:

  1. Gambling advertising (The first issue that we ever meet)
  2. Unrelated/Off-topic reply to some thread (Ex. Advertisement)

So now what do you guys think about this? Any thoughts?

Hi @Yonle

You are correct. Once we added gmail as a way to login to the forum, we did see a small increase in posts from spammers.

However, we feel that providing Gmail login, in addition to our previously GitHub-only login option makes the community more inclusive.

That being said, any member of the community can report spam or other inappropriate links by clicking the three dots underneath the post and then clicking the little flag icon. When this is done, support is alerted that a post needs review. We respond to these reports within 24 business hours. When we confirm that the flagged post is spam, we use the Discord delete/block user to prevent them from posting more.


Here to +1 what Tasha said. I also want to make it clear that stating the truth of abuse on the platform is not against our rules, and the abuse itself makes us way more uncomfortable than you and the rest of the community expressing concern about it does. We totally appreciate y’all wanting to have conversations like this so we can discuss the reasoning behind the decisions we make on here. Thank you, @Yonle, for speaking up about it!


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