Glitch community enables the spirit of Heardle to live on!

If you haven’t heard the news, less than a year after acquiring Heardle, Spotify is shutting down the much-loved musical guessing game. While Spotify users won’t be able to access its standalone website, the wider web is bit more fortunate due to the ambitious and enthusiastic Glitch community – you!

Heardle clones have become a staple of the Glitch community since the emergence of the Worldle-like guessing game. We’ve featured many of the clones spanning musical genres (and even television theme songs), including a full playlist of Kpop heardles, and even last week @derekahmedzai shared 2 new versions in The Gallery!

Have you created a Heardle clone? We want to hear about it! Tell us about what inspired you to create your Heardle, what the experience of sharing it with the community was like, or any other insights you might have.

We want to celebrate Heardles all over the web, so folks know that the most fun parts of the Internet often don’t belong behind a login. :rainbow:


Sad to see the original Heardle go but grateful for the inspiration to create my own version, Britpopple, celebrating a golden age of British indie pop music from the mid-1990s.

Originally created just for me and a few friends that share a love of all things Britpop - Oasis, Blur, Pulp, Suede, The Charlatans, Shed Seven, Elastica, Sleeper, and all the other brilliant bands that were around at the time. We’ve now grown to almost 1,000 daily players and a great little community posting their daily scores on Twitter.

Today was Britpopple #282 and we’re certainly going to keep going beyond May 5th!

Come check us out at and say hi at :wave:


It will be a shame when Heardle shuts down - but only because of the missed potential. before Spotify bought it the songs were a mix of old and new classics. they seem to have misunderstood that it isn’t about discovering new songs, but the delight of recognising songs that you already know and love

Anyway there are so many clones now that are much more fun to play! When Heardle’s popularity blew up they sprung up everywhere - and a lot of them were remixable on Glitch

My daughter is a massive fan of Harry Styles so I remixed my own for his songs (I think it was the LOONA kpop heardle that I remixed). after a year online it’s had over 6.2 million games played! at it’s peak, 85k people played it in one day, now it’s settled at about 5k per day

Have released few more Heardles since then, and added instructions to make it easy for others to remix them (just completely updated the Harry Styles one so that’s a static site, and not a node app). A bunch of apps that remixed the Harry Styles one didn’t change the google analytics id, so I can see the names of them: Adele, Donkey Kong, Crash Bandicoot, Skrillex, Louis Tomlinson, Miley Cyrus, DEVO, White Stripes and loads more

Recently made one for Depth Charge, one of my faves, but it’s almost too hard as they all start with film samples or loads of silence :sweat_smile: