Glitch "Downfall"

Glitch is a good hosting provider, and they got popular in 2018. So what went wrong? First they started to add a temporary block to pinging services, and they also started to limit projects creations. They want you to buy boost to fix these issues and get 24/7 on your project. Glitch in 2020 isn’t good as it is started as.

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Its free so you can’t really complain. How else would they make money?


i believe there are some people abusing glitch. like glitch got a good tools, like online editor and stuff. there is a text said o keep Glitch fast for everyone, inactive projects go to sleep and wake up on request.

Well, some people become so selfish that keep the project awake 24/7. free tier of glitch isn’t capable for production app. its suit for testing only.

and keep in mind glitch already become so popular that i believe so many people use this site. more user = more resource needed.


also considering that most of glitch is discord bots doesn’t help either as they use a lot of ram if poorly optimised


the 512 mb memory for big discord bot wouldn’t enough. at least keep it in mind. free tier of glitch is suitable for testing only.

but the 512 mb memory, 200 mb diskspace is already good for me


I guess they explained how they get money on glitch before the boost update is came in.

It’s not their fault with the pinging services

You shouldn’t profit off free stuff too much, just use your profits to buy a VPS then profit off that.

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Or just keep it free since it’s open source

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