Glitch Editor v2 - Concept

Glitch Editor v2

Glitch Editor v2, is an concept for second generation of Glitch’s Editor.

Made With:

  • HTML
  • CSS

How it looks like:


Side Navigation:


What about the explorer?

Explorer view is still being developed.

Where is the project url?

For rightnow I won’t share it until I am satisfied with my work.

What is the goal?

The goal is to improve the Glitch editor in terms of design and features which a lot of them are currently missing in Glitch.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions, feel free to reply :slight_smile:

This was made under 1.5 hours. Possibly tomorrow I will work on it too.


Cool! I recommend you try implementing some existing editor like VS Code, Ace, Monaco or CodeMirror and perhaps just add your own features on top of that.


Thanks, I will think about that.

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How many editors do we have now? There’s Kidz, then there’s my GlitchyPastePen and now this. And there’s many social medias coming up :joy:. Then, there’s many monitoring projects.

@Daw588, what are some features of your editor and why should I want to use your editor?


there are about 90 editors on glitch atm, so this, makes us reach 100


I kinda like this design, it’s very clean, and i like clean stuff!

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What are some features of your editor?
It’s still unknown

Why should you want to use my editor?
This is just an concept/idea for Glitch Team to see (when it’s done) on how they could improve their editor based on this, maybe they can get some ideas out of it. It’s like unofficial Glitch Editor v2.

When making a concept I don’t actually recommend you to make it. You should use some software like Adobe XD or Figma to make the design, and then just create a markdown file explaining the design and what features it will have.

Then after it will be much easier making a proof of concept.


I know about that, but I am trying to improve my CSS skills and I want the editor to come to the life, which requires JavaScript, which then it requires HTML and CSS for look.

I don’t want you to stop from developping, so do what you think. I just want you to tell you that I use many editors for many languages and I like the current glitch editor very much because it is not techy, but looks informal, like handwritten on paper. I would miss if that goes a way for the kind of code I do here.