Glitch Hosting -> BotKit Studio API ->Facebook API -> Wit.AI API


As I mentioned before, I’m developing a bot following this workflow Glitch Hosting -> BotKit Studio API ->Facebook API -> API.
Just right now my bot works on Facebook and return to me several answers for some questions, also wit ai is already connected, when I access to my Logs (in wit ai) I can see the messages that were sent through Messenger, but then what? How am i supposed to use for this to analyze user responses and based on this throw me an answer?

#2 publish some details about integrating it with Messenger: Take a look at the converse section in particular. It looks like you need to add intents around the inputs it receives, and pass back the processed responses from to your Messenger bot.


I’m gonna try it, thanks again! You’re very awesome guys, I’m super happy with Glitch :slight_smile: