Glitch images not loading for specific people on my page

I would share my code with this but I really don’t think this is a coding issue, but an issue with the hosting of images in the website.

I have this website:
for some users, my images cant be read when on internet, but when on data, they can see the images on my page. for the users who experience this issue, it happens for any device they’re on. for most people it works but for very few it doesn’t. Im assuming it might be an ISP issue (I put alt text to reflect that). Is this just something with glitch’s image hosting? is there anything I can do to let the images show for them, or at least give them suggestions on how to fix it? I tried to switch the image to imgur or flickr but it wont work with anything but glitch images.

Hm, the images are loading for me. When getting images from flickr or such, test the link to make sure you are getting the right link. That is the only thing I can really think of as something mess up

It does sound like it’s an ISP issue - you can try changing the CDN domain from to and see if that works for them. We don’t block hotlinking from other services (except Facebook, as that’s a big abuse pattern) so if Flickr allows it, you should be able to embed them. @MilesWK’s suggestion is a good one.

As for what your users could do, they could try writing into their ISP to ask why they are blocking the domain and ask if they can unblock it. If their ISP gives them an explanation, have the user contact us with that info and ISP name so we can help with the issue ( if needed.