Glitch memory is full error please help

Hello there is no place left in the project and I could not clean you bother you can you clean
please help my project name : azzureta7

Hey @ediciust I’ve granted your project some additional space to your project’s disk. You should now be able to take a look at this post about gitignore, git prune, and git gc to prevent it from happening again. Sorry for the bother!

please help my project is broken you did something you could fix it didn’t stay in place says it always connects again

Hey @ediciust, yes, I granted some extra space for 24 hours so you could deal with the space problems with your project’s git repo. Once that extra space expired I expect that your project stopped working again.

I’ve added the additional space again, but you’ll need to follow the steps I linked to within the next day or your project will break again. Let me know if you have specific questions.

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