[GLITCH SUPPORT] Project was suspended for error while preparing project

hello there, I recently encountered the following error on my glitch project, which is a JavaScript server.

it says to send it to glitch support so they can fix this.

meanwhile, does anyone know what causes this to happen? Is it repeated application crashes, which I encountered while messing with the code until it showed this?

Hi there - if you haven’t contacted Glitch Support yet, do that still. But for what causes “preparing error” suspensions - it could be a number of things (for example, disk space issues, a build error that happens on a project wakeup, etc.) The utility of the platform suspending the project in this way is to prevent data loss or irreparable errors to the project. The Support team can help out with getting it back up and running.

Thanks, I will contact them by email then. :slight_smile: