glitcxCLI - more features

glitcxCLI ==> and
improved/new commands

  • glitcx -glitcx-commandline (looks better)
  • glitcx -glitcx-store (fancy npm,pip,snap)

adding or modifying features

  • _glitcx/_init is the init script for glitcx
  • _glitcx/_cl-args is the command executed after a command (glitcx -glitcx-commandline)
  • _glitcx/_commands/-env-add has instructions on adding commands/modifying existing ones (without having to edit the code in

other stuff

  • glitcx has a lightweight edition (incase you don’t need glitcx that much). Downloads glitcx, runs command, deletes glitcx.

Edit 2: I found the bug, it didn’t save the changes [fixed]

I can’t even install this lol

do wget && wget -r --no-parent

it might work - install wget by apt-get install wget

It takes forever …

I think either certain parts of your computer are corrupted (maybe wget itself?)

shows this:
FINISHED --2020-10-17 20:52:35–
Total wall clock time: 0.4s
Downloaded: 6 files, 16K in 0s (185 MB/s)

oooo… If it works for me I will be quite happy

Could you show me a screenshot?

I found the bug, it didn’t save the changes [fixed]

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