Google Chrome is blocking my site

I’ve made a STATIC site, and Chrome keeps saying that it’s dangerous.

It was working just a few minutes ago.

The link brings you to a modification of that adds a few instruments. The rest of the site works totally normal.


Hi @Haizlbliek - my Chrome is not showing any error. Can you post a screenshot of what you see when it shows the error? Also, is there a chance this is coming from a plugin and not the browser itself (I’m just trying to see how I can replicate this).

In particular, I tried loading up a Megalovania song and it says it’s dangerous.

Interesting - is loading up that song making a request to something off of that Glitch site? Because the project itself isn’t triggering this error. If you click “Details” the “recently found phishing” link takes me to a page that shows that the URL hasn’t been flagged by Google, so it could be a mistake? Google lets you tell them that it is an false positive flag.

It isn’t doing any outside requests that I know of.

Also, other songs still work. It’s just this one that has caused the error.

It could be that the string in the URL is common to another phishing URL pattern they’ve detected elsewhere, so you best bet is going through the flow to tell them it’s not phishing.

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K. Thanks for the help.