Hello, Dear Glitch's staff members I would likes to know my forum moderation history. Thank you

Also is there a fast way to become a regular? - Sincerely Dear, Glitch Users

@glitch_support @moderators Please report this info to me here.

Hi @anon6347983

This category is for internal testing. If you need help using glitch or the forum you can post in the Glitch Help category.

I will send you a direct message about forum moderation.

@tasha, I’m categorizing this to the ‘Glitch Help’ section!

Why? Are you moving?

This is not a category for getting help.

I see. @TehPig_YT But it is glitch help!!!

@anon6347983,this category is meant for internal testing and your question could be better categorised in the Glitch Help section and it would be unwise to change it back to Jenn’s test category and I’m sure the @glitch_support agrees with me.

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