Help coding a website with a video on it. Does not play


I’m having difficulty adding a video to my website. I can upload it as an asset, I get the URL but when trying to code it using a video tag it does not work. Embedding youtube videos work though. Any suggestions? I’m prepping my students to take an HTML & Certification test and they need to know how to add a video and audio. Is Glitch capable of doing this or should I switch IDEs?

Are you specifying the full urls instead of relative urls in src?
I recall someone had a similar issue here.

If this isn’t the problem it’d be appreciated if you could make a minimal reproducible example or you could look at devtools for the video loading error?

I am. This is my code


I tried to reproduce your issue by creating a new static glitch project with a 1080p 5mb mp4 asset file from

and using your exact same code snippet but it appears to be working for me.

Glitch also recently made a lot of changes to asset uploading but I don’t think that may be the case here?

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