Help How to Restore a project?

i deleted my bot project cause of a bug on glitch with made it come twice in my project list, when i deleted one of them all of them gone
can you dev plz get it back?
project name: Fantasy

i just pinged the team, someone should be able to take a look at it soon. sorry for the delay

Hi @ayoubmadrid,

sorry for the delay. Project restored :slight_smile:

can you please tell us what you did exactly, so that we can test if we can replicate and eventually fix the bug? Thanks :slight_smile:


well my project appered twice in the project lise (same name, same picture, same code) but i didn’t remix it, but when i deleted one of them both gone.

in the future, if you see this happen, can you let us know asap? this’ll help us reproduce and diagnose it

It has happened to me aswell. I just opened up glitch and under ‘change project’ I saw two. They seem to act independently (e.g. when you open a project it comes to the top of the ‘change project’ list, if i opened one, only that one would go to the top), they seem to share the same name, same URL and same contents. The two project thing would happen on any tab I opened. I deleted one, and the other was deleted aswell. Can I get it restored (posted in a new topic), the name was `helpdesk123’.

Hi @ClinkMakesGames,

Can you tell us more or less when did this happen to you? We’re trying to fix the issue and deployed a possible fix, but it’s difficult to tell if it worked since we’re not able to reproduce. Did it happen within the last 2 hours?

Yes, it happened around 10 minutes ago