Help on creating commands for a CAH- like discord bot?

Hi! I have a pretty decent functioning bot that relays images and random words and things on command but I’m looking to further my knowledge and build a custom CAH bot around certain things pertaining to the server. I have…absolutely NO idea on where or how to begin with any kind of basic coding that could get me to start, load and play a game with members. I’ve seen some bots that DM users and then connect the cards to DMs and the server, but I’m a literal newbie when it comes to this kind of skill set. Is there anyone here who knows or has any basic coding on github or anywhere that could help me in this endeavor? I’ve tried looking through some but the codes just never come through properly.

Thanks in advance!

You would need to setup a JSON file of some sort to do this. We can’t exactly spoon feed you, but we can help.

I moved this to #discord-help because you seem to be asking for help with Discord bots.