Hiding files from non-editors?


Hello! I was curious to know if I can hide certain files from people who can view my code publicly, but haven’t been invited to be an editor. I have some files I’d rather keep private from the public, while still being able for me to view them in the editor.


The only file that’s private right now is .env. You can put secrets like API keys in there to keep them hidden from non-members.

There’s no way to make other files private right now, except for marking the whole project private, which means non-members can’t see any of your code.


I see. Do you ever plan on making this a feature?


Yes, eventually we plan to let you have more control over this, but it will be a while before we get to it.


Alright, I’ll look forward to it! Thanks for the reply.


what about files in .data? if not, could you tell us how to view them?


Files that are .gitignored can be viewed/edited in the console. You can get there from the logs window.


I think you have to be invited to be an editor to use the console. Can you confirm?


Yes, that’s true. It would be a major security issue if non-members could use the console.