Hosting generated static sites on Cloudflare

I don’t know if this is a question more suited to a Cloudflare forum, but I wanted to host a website I’d created in Glitch using Cloudflare Pages. However, due to the Glitch site being a generated static site, the website doesn’t display properly, showing only the raw values.

How do I configure this on the Cloudflare end so that it’d work properly

there should be no special backdoor for serving raw files to cloudflare. could you check if your site is working right?

yeah, the glitch site works, which is why im assuming it’s something to do with the build rules

What you might find is that your generated static site behaves differently while you have the editor open, because they’re bundled and served differently after you leave the editor.

I’d recommend closing any Glitch editor tabs for the project that you have open, clearing any cache on the Cloudflare end if you can, and trying the deployed version again after a while (I’d give it an hour).

Otherwise if you’re happy to share the project URL and deployed version I can take a look!

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