How can i install the yarn

How can i install yarn on a project?

Run this command:

curl -o- -L | bash

It dont work! When i installed and send yarn command on terminal it dont work
It says: -su: yarn command not found

I had to do a little more than what @jarvis394 noted, probably mostly due to how Glitch manages console sessions. I ended up running these commands:

touch .bash_profile
curl -o- -L | bash

Then I used the Reconnect button to start a new terminal and yarn was available.

If you’ve already run the command @jarvis394 noted then you’ll probably have to run rm -rf /app/.yarn first.

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Thanks cori, it worked!

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But on a webpage what dosent have a Node.JS (package.json)?

You can just add package.json by npm init -y command and it will automatically turn your project into Node.JS project

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