How can I make an OAuth 2/Token/Auth Token file?

Hello guys. I have a website and I want to make an OAuth 2/Token/Auth Token (No idea what’s it called lol) file or make it apply on an existing file. If you don’t get what I mean, it’s like a key to enter a website with proxy etc. I hope I explained it the right way. Thanks!

No I don’t really understand. Do you mean a way for users to log in or authenticate? Or using a specific string secretly?

So you want to be able to restrict access on those files to certain people with the token?

i just want to generate an auth token for few files so the js scripts can use them with the auth token. i hope i’m explaining it right because i’m really bad on it :smiley:

Hey there,

I do not understand at all!

The picture you attached, was just a header of an HTTP request.
If you want to append ‘Authorization’ element to the headers, you can do that by using an HTTP module, I’d recommend node-fetch for that purpose.

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