How Can I Run A Discord Bot 24/7 Now?

Hi there! Since Glitch just got rid of 3rd party apps, that means that I can no longer hook up uptime robot to my project, so how would I go about hosting my bot 24/7 now? I can’t really open my code every hour and run it.

Host it on a raspberry pi

How would I go about doing that? When I go onto the site, there are all of these machines.

@TheInsertNameHere What @anon69241012 is recommending here is that you self-host your bot - this means you buy a computer (like a Raspberry Pi) and run it 24/7 on that or you could get a VPS or purchase Boosted Apps. There are no free ways to host on Glitch 24/7 anymore :slight_smile:
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Buy the glitch premium.

You can use Github Actions to host your bot like I did. Just make sure your repo is private unless you want discord to send you a message

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Or just self host ._.

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Running a discord bot through actions will kill your action quota

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How the hell did you manage to host your Discord Bot with github actions.

Some next level engineering right there.

There’s this new way that has just hit the market and is a prototype, might be something worth checking out.

lol, github’s all seeing team would probaly see that repo and delete it.
Also you don’t have enough hours to do it like ihack says

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I think repos have actions and they can do like nodejs. Not 24/7 though

Really thought github made a system where actions time out after some time.

You can keep the bot alive 24/7 if you commit to the repo every 6 hours :wink:

You only get 2000 minutes a month which is 33 hours approx.

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