How can I view the developer tools console and my JS code at once?


Hey guys -

Total newb here (as will soon be apparent).

I want to be able to test my JS code in the Chrome dev tools console – but the console doesn’t seem to recognize what I’ve input into my JS file. In regards to variables I’ve created, I keep seeing “is not defined”…

I realize that “showing” the live site allows me the console access I want – but, I’d prefer to skip that step. Is this possible with Glitch? If not, can someone recommend an alternate tool?



If you’re looking at the Chrome console while you have the editor open, you’re debugging the Glitch editor, not your application. The only way to do it is from the live view.


Got it – thanks! Can you recommend any tool that does meet my (perhaps unrealistic) expectations?


No, I don’t know of any tool that will do that.