How do I hide certain files?

I created a little login app with hello-webpage, and I am storing my passwords in a JavaScript file. I noticed that the page could be accessed in plaintext, and that may be a problem. Am I able to hide that file [or at least the passwords in that file] from being seen in plaintext, but could still be accessed by the browser?

I’m not too good at JavaScript, so if there’s a way to do this already, I didn’t know.

Hello @Dannybyte!

A hello-webpage app is just a front end of a website without the server backend. You will need to use the hello-express app and create your own custom routes to handle user login/sign up. Therefore, your password file won’t be able to be seen via the client. (I’d recommend encrypting the passwords but you don’t need to).

Also, I’m wondering how you managed to store passwords in the hello-webpage app.

Ah, okay! I used plaintext JavaScript to hide the passwords, by the way.