How do i make my Glitch bot 24/7 please

Hey please i don’t know how to do this but how can i make my Bot on Glitch be online 24/7 because when i get off it stays for 2min and then it Shuts Down :frowning: help me please make it 24/7 if its possible How ?

You can use services like to keep your projects stay awake 24/7.
It will ping (visit the link you provide) every 5 minutes.
You can also use Freshping (, which pings your project every minute.

The UptimeRobot method works, but the bot will work for a maximum of 12 hours because Glitch introduced restrictions.

You can subscribe to the Glitch’s paid plan that resolves this issue:

Well, you understand that for the most part people were sitting on Glitch due to the fact that everything was fine here. Normal uptime, small ping, convenience and so on. And all this is free.

It should wake up in less than 5m again.

That is so, yes. But who needs uptime less than a day?

Try out Awake!
Awake pings your project every minute. It is also made 24/7 using UptimeRobot and itself

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You can use uptime robot, but that only keeps it up for 12 hours
for further uptime try using something like Awake to keep it 24/7

The method with Awake I tried. Created an empty bot with the uptime command. 20 minutes have passed, the bot is offline.

Do you have >20 projects on awake?
Was your project banned from discord?

No, I have 10 on the glitch of projects. The project is not banned.

You should contact

They don’t allow pinging services anymore, sadly.

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oh lol. Sorry about that!