How I can host a minecraft BEDROCK server?

Hello, I wan’t to host my minecraft BEDROCK server and the server start file is an .exe, it’s possible to execute, or create an container with windows for me please.

Unfortunately, only Node.js servers are supported.

Hey @MIMIGAMING83, while you can do much more than Node / JavaScript in a Glitch container, they are all running Ubuntu Linux and we have no plans to offer other types of containers for Glitch projects.

Sorry for the bother!

Just a quick heads up of my experiences.
I once tried hosting a Minecraft PE server (using nukkit) the server started up fine however the problem is glitch only allows you to bind to port 3000 (correct me if it isn’t 3000) and Minecraft servers don’t really allow that port, I even tried changing the port in config file but I simply got the unable to bind port. Hope this helps

I am pretty sure that it is port 3000

Yeah, it’s 3000 callum said.

and bedrock uses UDP only.

hey @cori okay, then it’s possible for to have an access to the gnome desktop in linux ?

with a vnc server or other software

Hey @MIMIGAMING83 the Glitch containers are intended to operate in a server role and we’re not likely to expand that to Desktop uses. I don’t think VNC would work without significant effort due to port limitations, if you could even get it to work at all.