How to access Glitch from project URL

When I try to access my project, Reciegenie
from the link
I get this response, if I have not visited the website for some time.

" Well, you found a glitch.
Did you expect to see an app here? You might need to log in to get access. If something went wrong, you can check out our [Help Center] if you need a hand."

However, even after I log in, I get this message.

“Well, that was unexpected. We’re not quite sure why, but something went wrong connecting to this project! It might be a blip. You can check our status page to see if Glitch is having problems.
Back to Glitch”

Once I click on “back to glitch” then navigate to my project from my account, only then does it work.
My question then is that is it possible for guest to view my glitch website or is it purely local? My project link does not seem to work unless I access it from my profile first. If this is not the case, then any input on how to make the site accessible without visiting my profile would be appreciated.
Thank you

Hi and welcome to the community, @Anthony-S4! It seems to work for me, please try again, and if that doesn’t work clear your cache.

Worked? Please mark this post as “:ballot_box_with_check: Solution”