How to get started using Vue.js (family frameworks) on


I have some experience using Vue-cli on my own computer. I now want to use vue project here on; along with my discord.js bot. I needed a webpage for my bot that’ll be able to interact and show info based on the bot. I chose to use vue.js for Vuetify Material Design. I’ve seen!/vue-js but that isn’t really instructive on how to set up webpack, Vue router, new files, etc. If I can get started, then I’ll be able to follow the Vue.js’ guide again (this time, the browser side guide instead of vuecli guide)

I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you in advance. If there are similar questions about Vue, then please link it to me thank you!

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Note to self: This seems like a good thread: Including packages in index.html?

Edit 1: despite the references and links, I’m still currently unable to get a start on integrating vue.js to my discord bot

Edit 2: I tried using
<script src=""></script>
inside my index.html, but my main.js file is unable to “understand” Vue has been installed. So conventional tutorial was meaningless?