How To Host Discord Bot for FREE on GLITCH (no pinging involved, follows tos)

Hello Everyone!
Yesterday I was just using my bot as normal, on the glitch server and my bot types for 5 seconds before the help command, people commented on that, saying it was annoying lol, then people started doing eval; ! The bots were just typing and never stopped until we did eval; so I thought that maybe…maybe if we make our bots type and never stop…they might go 24/7.
I have tested this out and it works!

Step by step Directions:

  1. Make a type command
  2. Put this code in:;
  3. Make a Stop Typing command so you can stop it for whatever reason.
  4. Put this code in the stop typing command:;
  5. I suggest you join this “typing server” I made so you have a place to do it

If you have an eval command you can just use that, but I recommend making a typing and stop typing command.

Honestly tho:
I would consider getting glitch members as it would support glitch and may be easier

Oh and btw every time you update your bot, just run your command again!

Comment below!


This is interesting…but does it sleep after 5 mins?


I need to know the answer to this question, it would solve a lot of problems I had to deal with recently.

i’ll call losh one sec

Hello everyone! Yes it does work, because my bot has been online for 2 days after starting this test (I have not gone in it or edited it)

Is this against tos ?

Not at all, because it is not pinging or being pinged.

Yep! If you want proof that it works look at what some people in my server noticed…

But still makes bot run, which it’s using up Glitch’s resources, so I pretty sure this will be banned as well, after a lot of bots will start using this method.


off topic but ow i got pinged

it might be banned but i dont think its using as much resources as pinging services

It’s not only about pinging, it’s also about people’s bots inefficient and using extreme amount of unnecessary resources throughout 24/7. Well we will see, I have bad feeling about this.


If the glitch community uses this well, like only using it if you have to have the bot up for an event/while ur sleeping and not everyone uses it, it might work

Since it’s not pinging (unless the bot receives a message, but that’s just how it works), I can’t see a problem with this. As long as the projects are going to sleep and can be awaken because of a message.

To be honest, for Glitch to properly work stable and efficient. Such methods such as blocking pinging services and apps running 24/7 should be banned since glitch focuses on the idea of helping developers on developing near production grade applications or projects. By at least running a project 24/7 without getting something back can result in big losses. So its right to follow the idea of apps not running 24/7.


But it’s still keeping the project alive. Which is why this actually is kind of against TOS. Anything to keep your project alive other than using the paid solutions made by Glitch I would say are not allowed.

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How do you then restart the container when the container is shut down after 12 hours of online activity?

What do you mean @ihack2712 ?

Also I think glitch may have stopped this as it’s not working anymore???

This is against the TOS I presume. Cause they banned pinging to stop keeping projects up and to save resources. So this would in fact be against tos