How to make my site multiple sites in one site

I need some help on making my site multiple sites in one site, is this a bit confusing?

You can have multiple sites in one project as long as they are linked correctly. Or do you mean a site with multiple pages? Can you put up a link to your project?

Here, and a site with mutiple pages.

Well, it seems to work already but you have a lot of Javascript in here. I’m not sure what you want to do exactly. You could either rebuild the pages with html and link each one in a navbar (also using some Javascript). Or you could use Node and/or React.

JS, I have CSS, and HTML (Maybe some JS I can’t remember.) I try to make my pages natural. Surely some code I didn’t make, but I only take credit for what I did. I’m trying to make a section for articles, so the link would be

I see what you’re saying. The thing is, if you have a route like that, it would have to be dynamic - either with NodeJS or React, or a different language like PHP. If you’re going to make an HTML page, the link would be Articles. So with your current setup, you’d want to add an articles.html file to your project and build it in there.

Since this website has authentication (sign up/login) it might work best as a web application. There are many ways you could go about that. Unless you’re not going to build that part. You could always build out as much as you can in HTML, and create other parts of it using NodeJS later on.

Alright, thank you.

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