How to run a c++ and c# file?

Hey, how to run a c++ and c# file? :\ Please help me…

By using c++ in the terminal

c++ <FILE_NAME>.cpp or .h

Idk this works or not. I don’t use c++.

and how to run a c# program?

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The dotnet cli is installed, run dotnet for more.

how? sorry i’m new user in glitch hehe
idk how :frowning:

Hi and welcome RizkiP4BYT :slight_smile:

Usually Glitch is used for its web hosting features more than just running code and scripts, but I’m going to assume that you just want to run a simple Program.cs file that prints to the console.

To do that, you can remix dotnet-console-starter, then open the Logs window:

Then you can modify or replace Program.cs and whatever other files you need.

Hope it helps!