How to show the output from the npm debug package on the logs, or console?

Hi guys,

I am running a node.js project and I would like to show those typical debug info that you get from the node package debug. If I run the project on a local server with a tunnelling process, I can set an environment variable on my powershell terminal, run npm start, and all the debug logs will show up on my console.
Although, I don’t know how to have a similar setup on Glitch, that is, those debug logs will show up in the same way.

Just in case, I am talking about these debug logs.

Any suggestion?

I threw together the example from the package page and it seems to work as expected, no colors though. The important part is setting the start string in package.json to include DEBUG.


Oh, doh! Great it works! I was used to set an environment variable, and I missed the DEBUG before calling node.
Thnaks :wink: