How to use python3?

Hi @Elcolie, I also sent you a response to your email, but with respect to this particular project there are three things you’ll need to pay attention to:

  1. to use Python your project must not have a package.json file. Having one of those tells Glitch that your project is a Node project, not a Python one.
  2. your project must have a requirements.txt file. This tells Glitch that the project is a Python project, as opposed to a static web server project or a custom project.
  3. your project must have a file that tells Glitch what bash commands to run to start your Python project successfully. Glitch will automatically execute the contents of when it starts your project as a Python project.

In this case if you add a file telling Glitch to run your project’s server file and a reqiurements.txt file to let Glitch know your project is a Python project you’ll be a little closer to your goals. In your project’s case you’re also running afoul of the project disk space limit of ~200Mb, so you’d need to clean that up a little too - it looks like you have a .cache directory that could be cleaned up to start with, which you can do from your project’s console.

Hope this helps!

MOD EDIT: added missing info