HTTP ERROR 405 Method not Allowed in POST

Hi. I am trying to make a login feature in my beta webpage. When i click Login, it gives an error. The pictures are below.

(hope pictures are right, i dont know how to preview photos.)

Hello, it looks like you are using a static site. Because of how Amazon S3 works, you can only send GET requests to their servers.

Then what am i supposed to do? When i make it a non-static site, it stucks on waking up.

For me it got no error - but the <?php part was visible in the code, i think that’s the issue.

You should look up how to make a login with express.

You likley have a code error.

yea, i tried making a site with express and now it says something like: “Cannot POST /send/login.html”

Have you added this to your aerver.js before app.listen:"/send/login.html", (req, res) => {
   // Do things with the post data
  // using req.body
  // e.g. res.send(req.body.username);
  // or redirect 
  // res.redirect("/");
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I think you are trying to run PHP code on a non-php project,try seeing ~lamp-poc

Even better use ~hello-httpd

Or just the lamp starter instead of the dreams thing because I think it goes forward a little too much for a PHP Project. Your changes @RiversideRocks are pretty cool though ngl

What do you mean?