Please consider providing your Glitch project’s name in your post. Many problems are very difficult to troubleshoot without being able to see the code involved. Users who haven’t been invited to your project won’t be able to edit your code or see the secrets in your .env file just from your project name.

Alternatively provide some code that gives community members some context around your problem. Use the code formatting tool to make your code easier to read.

Hello and welcome @albay58 what is your problem?

Can you invite me to the Discord server? bu

29 Eki 2019 Sal 20:32 tarihinde zeis via Glitch Support şunu yazdı:

Teşekkür ederim düzeltmeye çalışacağım

Hello @albay58 I made an update at the level of your code and handler your bot should work normally :slight_smile: