I made a search engine!

Project URL: https://bongsearch.glitch.me

My project is a funny combination of Bing & Google. It’s a simple search engine that actually uses DuckDuckGo’s search API! It displays up to 7 results at a time (may change soon) and it’s overall just a meme. I’m working on the CSS styling still.


Hey this is epic! Could I possibly use this on my website? You will get credit :slight_smile:

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Sure! Let me know what website you use it on and just leave a link to my personal site: willm.xyz :smiley:

Alright, let me DM you :slight_smile:

Great work! I like it, with some styling it could be even more beautiful!

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Looks good! Also seems to have XSS protection so thats good.

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this has potential


You know you shouldn’t bump for reasons of like that. Just share the love through the like of button