I made an 80s Heardle!

Project URL: https://like-its-the-80s-heardle.glitch.me/

I made a Heardle dedicated to the era that had the catchiest music ever!

To my surprise in under 2 months more than 1K people have already used it - I suppose because I curated the songs on here very carefully.

I’m a born curator so what’s on here is the best of what the 80s has to offer, including some deep cuts (let’s face it - many of the hits in any era are kinda meh).

Give it a whirl - let me know what you think!

PS: Feel free to share with other 80s music lovers :smiley:

UPDATE: I’m capturing all the songs that show up in my Heardle, in order here for those that wan’t to follow along/check out what you missed: Like, It’s The '80s! Heardle Playlist :musical_keyboard: :man_dancing::woman_singer:t3: - playlist by AA | Spotify


Looks cool, keep it online :wink:!

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I’ve loaded it up with songs for at least the next 4 months already - will keep adding more as I have time :slight_smile:


is never gonna give you up also in there?


Hahaha - how could it not?

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:rofl::rofl: Awesome idea!

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All I’ll say is that it will show up sooner rather than later :smiley:

Maybe even an easter egg with it…

Hah - I wish I could do that - but you have given me an idea for something else to try down the line :slight_smile:

got today’s song in only two seconds :sunglasses:

Hi, it keeps saying “Loading player” and there’s an error in the console:

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT -> http://w.soundcloud.com/player/api.js:1

I think this is because I have adblock, privacy badger & malwarebytes.
Edit: disabling privacy badger works

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Thx for checking that was the issue.

Hahaha - I’d be shocked if anyone who’s been on the internet didnt get this one in 2-3 seconds :smiley:

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I got it in 1 second!

And someone I do not know got it in 0.3 seconds!

Makes one wonder how many times you must have been the “victim” of this :smiley:


Actually, only 2 (jenn has more than me)! The rest of them where when I was testing my own rickrollers

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Would you be willing to share the code to make a custom Heardle? I would like to make a 80’s Rock one.

I followed the instructions here: Glitch :・゚✧


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Hi Anuj,

Thanks for sending the instructions. Do I need a SoundCloud account to link to? Can I use spotify?

Also, would you be willing to create a basic Glitch file for me that is formatted for 80’s Rock? I think if I see how a few songs are listed in the code, I could figure it out.


You do not need a Soundcloud account.
I don’t know if you can use Spotify - maybe that’s a good Q to post to the community.

And tbh you literally just need to follow the directions its pretty easy to figure out.
Given that you’ll be remixing the project in the link, you will already have songs in the code and you just need to replace the links with the ones you want.
I had never done it before either and it was no problem at all.
You just have to make sure you don’t skip steps and do exactly what the steps say to do and you’ll be fine.