I made paint chips out of English words that double as hex triplets

Project URL: https://hex-triplet-words.glitch.me/

Hexadecimal triplets are six-digit codes made up of the characters “0”–“9” and “a”–“f”, used to denote colors. I found every six-letter English word containing only letters A–F that I could, and arranged all 27 of them, along with their definitions, into 7 paint chips based on the colors they represent in hex.

I’ve worked on this project on and off (but mostly off) for about two years, but I’ve recently reached what I would consider a finished state. I’m especially proud of the design and aesthetics.


Hey, welcome to the forum, great first post! :smiley:

You should be, it looks fantastic. I think you nailed the look you were going for :blush:

I agree with @SteGriff here, the design is really nice! Now I can easily remember that “baffed” colour close to cyan. :grin:

Yea, the design reminds me of those color cards you see at home depot when you’re looking for paint colors.

You’re right!

Wow, @annoyedhumanoid, this is really awesome! Thank you so much for sharing and welcome to the community. I’m especially fond of #babbed

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