Icon Set debate

I’ve come across two sets of icons


I’d like to know people’s thoughts on each and their experience if they’ve used any of these.

Existing comments from unofficial glitch discord

Here’s a comparison chart I made up.

HeroIcons Feather Icons
230 icons 287 icons
Provides SVG and JSX (probaly svg element) Provides SVG
Licensed under MIT Licensed under MIT
“By the makers of tailwindcss” also says Designed by @steveschoger Meant to be open so anyone can add an icon, Says Made by @colebemis

Feather also appears to include some extra product specific icons

Update: on discord @wh0 made a very important point

oh I should disclose, if I were to use heroicons, I’d probably go for its solid variant. that’s probably why I prefer it to feathericons. this all coming from someone who uses android, so that style looks more normal to me

I actually just noticed that android icons are filled just now, this probaly makes them more simple.
Also I noticed that Material Design redirects to Material Symbols and Icons - Google Fonts with filled selected as the default.

It’s really hard to pick. They both look really nice.

Oh damn I’m living under a rock I only use and heard of font awesome.

Font awesome, I’m kind of avoiding tbh
it’s kind of like tailwind without the preprocessor, it’ll be loading a webfont of a lot of icons that I don’t use.

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See update in original post for why I decided to go with heroicons for now. It’s not a definite switch since both offer a copy as svg option I can mix them if I wanted to :slight_smile: .

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fontello helps you build a custom icon font with icons that you select

I prefer Material Symbols :grinning:

Just pirate SVGs from wikipedia, easy.


Too complex

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