Idea: Store number of remixes in .env

I see the new .env update and it looks great but it would be awesome if you could see how many times your project was remixed in the .env.

I dunno, I recently made a blog template named and it would be nice to know when somebody uses it to make their blog.

I think it would be nice if stored in .env so that the number of remixes is private.

Is this a good idea?
Thanks in advance for the feedback,


Hi, I would recommend against storing such information in the .env file.

The purpose of this file is to store environment variables that may or may not be secret properties of your application.

However, I am definitely not against Glitch storing the remix count internally and expose an API endpoint for us users to have access to.

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Ok, thanks for the feedback!
Maybe some kind of way to store the amount of remixed locally would be nice, though.

Maybe this could be done in a file outside of the editor, maybe on the project page.

It might have been possible for an API endpoint to exist when Team Analytics where a thing. Now that they’ve been deprecated/discontinued, I’m not sure. Maybe poking between pages with DevTools logging for XHR requests might find that endpoint.

Is there any way this could be done, though?

Each container already has PROJECT_REMIX_CHAIN as an environment variable which is a list of project ID’s that make up a project’s ancestry. It’s not the same thing but it’s similar. It’s also not shown in the .env file but it is accessiable from the terminal.


Ooh, thanks! I’ve been looking for POST and GET requests on the number of remixes, but so far I’ve found nothing.

The remix chain isn’t very helpful because it is either one of the following projects or a combination of them:

To get the remix chain of the project using the API, you need to refer to project using its ID.

It could be stored in the App Status area with the cpu usage and such

I don’t think you understand how storage of such information works, what you see in the app status is data collected from another program (containerd or docker I think), storage of remix count would be stored in a database, information is collected from the database and served in an API, the client (end-user, us) will fetch that information and display such information in the proper area.

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True I see that now lol

Adalytics uses images to count site hits, which get pushed to a dashboard. Perhaps there may be a way to do the same thing with remixing?

Maybe each time the button is pressed, it gets recorded

I thought so too, but no count is being made when the Remix button is clicked. The only requests that are being made is the link to the new project. Once you’re in a new project, another request is made to the project that was remixed to fetch its contents. Maybe for analytics, they might be using a third-party plugin instead of the Glitch API?


It’s hard tracking who remixed your project, but how many remixed should be easy to track

How? Both info would be useful. I don’t think it’s hard, it was used when Team Analytics was existing.

Yeah, I guess it would be pretty hard to use API and third-party tools/software may be pretty inneficient. I still think it would be nice for some form of remix counter.

A lot of interesting values in the API.

Yeah, but nothing interesting for me, like Remix counts.

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I would almost consider putting up a feature request for that.