Is it possible to access the console via SSH or something similar?

Sometimes, using a browser to login to Glitch and open the web console is not an option and it would be nice if I could access the app via SSH or something similar. Anything like that possible? Future features like that planned? Thank you for the feedback :blush:


We haven’t planned to allow SSH access to the console, although that may be worth thinking about. Proxying SSH is a lot more complicated than proxying HTTP. Do you want to make code changes without a browser, or is there something else you want to do? We have GitHub sync on the roadmap, so eventually you will be able to push changes to GH, and then Glitch would pull them in automatically.

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More like an access to the app for debugging or a quick status check. I could comfortably use even my phone to access it via SSH. It’s definitely not essential but it would be nice. :slight_smile:

Glitch works on mobile browsers too, I regularly edit my apps on my iPhone while out and about.

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Can’t wait for github sync! Do you have any idea when that might be completed by ?

For simple stuff like downloading logs, you could use a Telegram bot. Example:!/telegram-shell

Bump. I would like to report that the console does not work on iOS 10.4 Safari. The issue is that the keyboard never shows up ever.

As a long time emacs user I was excited to notice that emacs was already installed but unfortunately control+w (which is a common and important command in emacs) closes the window. SSH support would allow me to work on glitch with emacs from a terminal. Alternately the ability to customize key-bindings would make the editing experience a little smoother.

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I’ve worked around this by making a custom terminal client

it also works as a TRAMP method in case you have a lot of emacs customization locally: An Emacs TRAMP method for Glitch