Interact with your project, use our online shell

web app:

don’t have access to your shell? not to worry, we have your back with our online shell

powered by a JavaScript program, this has been programmed to run bash commands and allows you to download things from NPM, PIP or git.


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It would be nice if you could update the on how to use this and provide instructions. I’ll try this later on my laptop as I’m on a mobile phone now. :wink:

i see you on my project now, im updating the as we speak

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Thank you! This is very cool!

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ive updated the README, it has info on changing options, the CLI and port numbers

is this ok?

I found the full documentation here:
And is it an NPM package?

yep, it is an npm package

it is called web-term and that is the github repo i found it in

I have a general question:

Is the default Console in the Glitch project different from this? Like can I perform commands like ls in web-term?

Sorry for the questions, but I don’t know much about these!

its okay! the default console in glitch is a modified version of the BASH shell, commands like ls will work fine. you can use vim just fine too

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@random, I don’t know if it works flawlessly on a non-mobile device, but on my mobile phone, when I type, it does not display what I’ve typed and when I typed ls and guessingly hit Enter, it just went on to a new line without doing anything. But then I had to wait a few seconds before the process took place. I’m attaching a screenshot below:

I had actually typed ls in the first line, but it showed up only the second time.

I have ran several tests on the project to see if this could be replicated.

  • tried it signed out of glitch- WORKS
  • checked logs: had to reinstall, I have put a command in the start file so it will install the package on request

I will try this service called ‘Stay Awake!’ so the terminal will stay online always

your problem must be that your browser does not support certain elements required by the app, i’ll see if there are any other problems in the code.

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Thanks for the info. I’ll check it out later on my laptop and let you know.

I have this problem when using a virtual keyboard, are you using a virtual or physical keyboard?

it is broken as heck, the package.json is messed up :\

and, add a remote connection system

hmmm, I found that issue too

i’ll try to add a system and fix the issues


this is what i found:
“//1”: “describes your app and its dependencies”,
“//2”: “”,
“//3”: “updating this file will download and update your packages”,
“name”: “e”,
“version”: “989999.9999.9999”,
“description”: “A simple Node app built on Express, instantly up and running.”,
“main”: “”,
“scripts”: {
“start”: “pnpm uninstall web-term; exit”
“engines”: {
“node”: “10.x”
“repository”: {
“url”: “!/hello-express
“license”: “UNLICENSED”,
“keywords”: [
“author”: “F”,
“dependencies”: {
“mocha”: “^7.0.0”,
“web-term”: “^5.2.0”

okayyy we have a problem

i have regenerated the package.json file, somebody must have ran a malicious command and messed up the server.

If this happens again, i’m setting it to private

it is still like that?

no, it isn’t i checked it through, someone else is raiding the project

@J-Tech-Foundation Seem like the project was deleted.