Is PWA better than just making a normal website?

I’m uninformed on PWA and we do have a template for them now on glitch.


I wouldn’t feel any pressure to build something new as a PWA — “better” totally depends on what you’re building. The extra bits of a PWA mostly live in two files and extend the functionality of a totally plain ol’ website when it’s installed to a device as an “app.”

The main differences are that a PWA includes a manifest.json file with extended metadata for your site that would be used if it’s installed to a phone, and a javascript “service worker” which can do things like cache content for offline use when the site is installed as an app.

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While that is true I have been able to use a web page while being not connected to the wifi and was thinking about switching cause all I use is html css js and sql. To me it seems like I can build the same basic websites but still get the effects and perks of a PAW as I havent been told about any downsides for them.

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