Is the lws.config.js file not supported anymore?

There are several older threads on here dating back to 2019 that mention the use and support of the lws.config.js file for altering configurations of the lws setup on the static site environments by actual glitch team members. There are even several projects that can be remixed as samples utilizing this file, but the file no longer seems to actually be detected or applied. If you remix the project, change nothing and test for the intended effect, the file seems to do nothing.

My intended use was to enable the .html extension removal of urls, something that lws supports by default, and that a lws.config.js file should allow for.

Is this intended behavior or a bug, or is there some specific knack to it now that didn’t use to be the case?

it’s been changed, probably in order to fix up any expectations of how “static” projects work. since those postings, glitch introduced a mode of operation where static sites are served without waking up the project container, thus without a dedicated, configurable lws instance.

accordingly, they’ve changed the static site software in the container not to consult the lws config file, so that it is consistent between development and project-container-off service.

there have been threads asking where does this leave the prospect of not having .html extensions on urls. one class of answer says to move those pages into directories, each with its own index.html. if you can handle the trailing slash on urls.

if you prefer otherwise, you can of course add a package.json file and install lws and configure it however you like, as a “node.js” project. for all that flexibility, you’d of course lose out on the benefits of the new type of static projects: no waiting for the container to start up, and no consumption of project hours.