Is there a Glitch API that I can use?

Is there a paid or free JavaScript API system where I can create multiple projects continuously? I’m working on a project and should be able to create and edit a new project with a few lines of JavaScript code for that project.


I don’t think an official Glitch API exists, but you can always write your own. It might use more than a few lines but it’s possible.

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of course we can build such a system manually, but may not be welcome by Glitch

also if you know can you help me to create something like that :smiley:

Just gonna drop this here.


This is not what I am talking about but thanks :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, that’s exactly what I’m looking for :)))

Hey @ben_baris.d,

Just out of interest, how do you use that API?

we’re going to make a revolutionary bot, but now the details are hidden
if I can prepare a system, I’ll share the details in a few days and open a post

thanks for your interest :3

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