Is there a way to restore my recently deleted project?


I didn’t want to create a new topic for this but I can’t send private messages (yet?).
I deleted my project because I thought I was gonna be able to use the same name again. I guess not.
The website is even still deployed at [hidden]

Can I have it back please? I was delighted with that domain.


That project is still there - it hasn’t been deleted. Are you having problems getting to it in the editor?


I realized the problem is that Glitch keeps showing me “Another project has that name” after changing it back to what it was. Should have paid more attention to see it had already been changed.


Hi, I too accidentally deleted my project of “fb messanger meetup bot” can you restore mine too? Otherwise i will have to do it all over again because i don’t have the code locally or on github. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Prem Singh



We don’t see any project whose name is close to “fb messanger meetup bot”, can you please provide us with the correct name?



It was something like “messenger meetup bot” or “fb meetup bot”.
I don’t remember the exact name. It happened 2 days ago.
Can you restore projects that were deleted 2-3 days ago? That will do the

Prem Singh


It was named fb-meetup-bot, and it should be restored :slight_smile:


Hi @etamponi,

I can see the project now :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton!!
Prem Singh