JS Console "Optimizely object is not valid" error

This error is polluting the Glitch editor on every project I tested (static and dynamic), making it difficult to debug. I’m using Chrome on Mac.

index.e5bcfff3.js:59 [OPTIMIZELY] - ERROR 2024-02-13T18:34:38.121Z OPTIMIZELY: Optimizely object is not valid. Failing isFeatureEnabled.

Hi there - this is while you’re in the editor, right? If you want to debug your app, I recommend you do it open in its own window so it’s isolated from all the other stuff happening in the editor like this - which I imagine is coming from an ad blocker you have that’s blocking some of our scripts.


Thanks for the quick reply. Yep, I disabled Ghostery and the Optimizely errors decreased to a single log.

Your suggestion to “preview the project in a new window” definitely cuts down on the junk in the console. Is there a suggested method to auto refresh this tab when the editor saves?

Yes, just tap the project name and enable auto refresh

That only works if I have the preview in a pane. How would I enable auto refresh for the preview in a separate window?