Logs/ folder doesn't show up

Today I’ve created new folder at path /app/src/services/logs BUT, after I refreshed the editor, it’s disappeared. I believe it is connected with global ignore list which contains *.log and logs paths. Is there any way to fix it?

Does this folder contain the .log file? If so, probably it’s getting gitignored. To remove them from the .gitignore, type !<THE FILE YOU WANT TO UN-GITIGNORE> in the .gitignore file and it should show up in the project.

Nope, it is not containing any *.log files. As I know, Glitch editor auto hides some folders, like logs, .git, etc. So it might be hiding the folder I work in and that’s not good.

I’m having an issue similar to this.

Folders created using the mkdir command do not show in the editor after I’ve ran refresh.
(yes they have files in them too)

How you’ve named your folders? Can you share the project name?


I have 2 folders

- hello
    - folder
    - logs
        * hello.txt

- hello2
    - folder
        * hello.txt

- indicates a folder + name
* indicates a file + name + extension

Neither folders show in the editor after running refresh

Okay, I’ve found what I was talking about:

This GITIGNORE_GLOBAL hides any ‘logs’, so that’s a question to the @glitch_support

It’s also odd that other folders don’t show up in the editor either…