Lost files after git upload/download snafu


All my files in /views and /controllers


I think git is just impossible to use safely for me in this environment. after carefully reading the manuals, i always get to the dark part where I lost crucial work and its nowhere to be found.

is there a way to restore these files?

going to be on a hotline to talk me down off the ledge otherwise.

my project is zealous-guapo



also, should be a view index.handlebars in the most recent changes.

as well, looks like the whole GIT thing had me lose all kinds of work…

never using it again here, too dangerous in my hands.

just going to use zip and transfer to my local.

so… if anyway to restore the whole directory structure, at the point where there was still an

index.handlebars file,

that would save me.

thank you

[upon review of the commits, on my github, the upload did not upload the views or controller folders. now they are empty.] maybe it wasnt my mistake after all.

I hope this can be remedied.

If you mail me a join link, I can restore it for you.

ok… sent. thank you again!


I reverted to some time yesterday. index.handlebars is back now. It looks like the issue might be that you exported to GitHub, and then imported again. When you export to GitHub, your changes are on a “glitch” branch there. If you import the project without first merging glitch into master on GitHub, then the import will lose changes.

ok… im going to remix on glitch and practice a little. thank you for the assistance!!


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