Making a webring app, contribute your Glitch In Bio!

I’m working on a webring app and think that using Glitch in Bio apps from folks in the forum would be fun!

Share yours in this thread and I’ll add it to my playlist and I’ll share the webring app when I’m done!! You can also share it and tell me you don’t want it in the playlist and that’s okay too, I’d love to see it anyway. :+1:

I’ll start with mine: I made the theme for it and made an RSS feed extension but I disabled it at the moment and will post a remix with that extension when it’s ready!


I made mine at ! Would love to see the webring when it’s ready. :slight_smile:


Feel free to use mine, if you can use stuff that’s already featured!


added both of you’s!!


Happy to take part, looking forward to seeing the webring app →


I’d be happy to be added. My Glitch in Bio is located at

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@jenn Just noticed my addition to the playlist and I’d like for you to remove the “creator of the lightning programming language” because while true, it is VERY VERY much super alpha right now, and also doesn’t give you a better overview of what I do. Try using my GitHub or something. Surprise me lol. Thanks for adding me in the first place :))

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hope im not too late, its based on the nord theme and i tried to add custom domain but didn’t work - -


I kinda like the look of the “gallery” theme. so I put a bunch of pictures from unsplash.


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