Markdown Page Code Blocks

I’ve been playing around with my file and I noticed how unlike Github or Discord Bot List, Glitch doesn’t seem to support the formatting of Code Blocks when using > in a line
Here is a photo from Discord Bot List (Github is practically the same)

On Glitch, it looks like this

Screenshot (15) Screenshot (16)
Glitch seems to highlight the code when it has the code block which is strange since all it does is indents it more.

I think the readme markdown files should be updated and also support <div align="center"> and other things like such. I haven’t had to use anything besides that but for Github it centers things up for you.

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@Fyrlex, I’m moving this to #feedback!

You can’t do this in a file-


It shows this code when you try, could be fixed?

What do you mean this doesn’t work in a file? It’s markdown, it should work. It works in other places.

i mean when you type it, all you see is the code that should’ve made a hidden details dropdown. And the code isn’t wrong because i used code from this forum on making dropdowns.

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In Markdown,> is converted to HTML <BLOCKQUOTE> tag.

It does not specify how it should be displayed. It has the same meaning as setting it with CSS.
So don’t expect all systems that use Markdown to produce the same output as GitHub.

Okay, well it would be a good feature to add.

i think using the same markdown engine as github would work better.

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