Maybe we should switch to dynos

i recently signed up to heroku, which is similar to glitch except for the infrastructure- which is powered by containers called dynos, these are lightweight isolated linux containers which can be scaled up or down and fall into different catagories depending on how you plan to use the dyno.

i think that having a system like this would significantly reduce downtime and costs, while also remianing free and customisable.

I just think that Glitch really needs to boost it’s pricing. Get the joke? Instead of having just one plan, we need maybe three or four.


lol, nice joke

i think maybe each plan should have different perks, like addons or more space


Agreed, 100%.

if we can`t switch to dynos, we should at least run them on a more lightweight OS


I mean Ubuntu is still a very popular choise for hosting a website.

yes, but how about on project creation we ask them what they plan on using it for? that way they only use resources they need

like for CLI testing, you get a small chunk of space. Whereas for discord bots you would get more memory

Really what I like about Glitch is how you don’t really have to have a plan, you can just start a project and delete it if you need to.

yeah… i like the addon idea though

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I would love glitch extensions! Installing Docker on glitch would be an example.

maybe the option to add new languages and databases…

The thing is, you can really use most languages on glitch already on the free tier.

WAIT! we could actually do that ourselves…

yeah but not swift, or postgres

some people may wish to extend…

Other than these, than there really are few other languages that would be highly requested. I was thinking that maybe an addon could be sudo

perhaps that would be a paid addon, maybe stuff like NVM or the latest version of pip or python3

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actually, it could be limited elevation time